COLUMBUS DANCE THEATRE is a nationally recognized contemporary ballet company with a significant performance history.  The Company repertoire is a highly theatrical fusion of ballet and contemporary movement creating theatrical works that range from contemporary abstraction to classical narrative.  The Company’s repertoire features a wide array of styles and programming ranging from cutting edge contemporary dance to family programming.  One unique feature of CDT and its repertoire is its reliance on classical and neo-classical music and its affiliation with recognized chamber music ensembles available to provide live music for its performances.

Columbus Dance Theatre proves yet again that big things can come in small packages.
— Barbara Zuck, Columbus Dispatch 2011
Watching this choreography session was fascinating. Listening to the lingo of the dancers and the communication between the dancers and their leader gave me an appreciation of the intellectual acumen of the dancers and their comfort with all kinds of dance. There’s obviously a great deal of education behind these lyrical movements.
— Mick Ball, McConnell Arts Center Board, 2014

Company Repertoire

Columbus Dance Theatre offers a wide repertoire for reasonable fees.  Family programming, theatrical evening length dances, and cutting edge contemporary work are all part of the CDT package.   Call 614-849-0227 for booking information.

“ Cleopatra, a multimedia extravaganza, melds history, Shakespearean drama, modern dance, original music, clever video imagery and — oh, yes — the Egyptian-revival splendor of the Lincoln Theatre. . . . The ingenious choreography includes a stunning piece that presents a sea battle, with dancers formed into a group to mimic a Roman galley at one point, and then . . . a roiling sea.”
— Tim Feran, The Columbus Dispatch, 2013
In this economic climate, a dance company surviving – let alone thriving – calls for celebration.
— Jay Weitz, Columbus Alive, May 15th 2008