School Dress Code


Girls' hair should be up in a neat bun unless it is simply too short to put up. If hair is too short, please try to keep hair away from the face with clips or elastics. This is particularly important for younger girls who may not be used to having their hair up. Teachers will be happy to advise parents regarding techniques for neat hair in class and performances.

Boys with very long hair should secure it away from the face in any manner that is comfortable to them. Boys with short hair should have their hair neatly trimmed for performances, unless otherwise requested by the Artistic Director or Costume Designer.


Creative Dance:  Pink tights, pink leotard, pink ballet shoes (optional detachable pink skirt).

Ballet and Pre-Ballet: black tank or camisole leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.

Jazz: black leotard, footless black tights or jazz pants (similar to yoga pants), black jazz shoes.

Please note: tights and a leotard serve as their own undergarments. You would wear them as would a swim suit. 


  • ITP Girls must have their pointe shoes painted nude matte for all performances. Please let your teacher know if you would like a short seminar on the procedure, and we will schedule one.
  • Any color leotard may be worn on Thursdays ("Color Day").
  • Nude foundation garments may be used as necessary.


ITP Boys: Black tights, white tights, short tights (optional),  black ballet shoes, white ballet shoes, black jazz shoes (optional), white tank shirt, dancebelt. ITP boys may be asked in advance to provide a nude canvas shoe for a performance. 

Younger boys: Black tights, black or white shoes, white socks, white tank shirt, dancebelt - for boys ages 9 and older.