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Sponsor a Dancer

This year we are offering a Sponsor a Dancer campaign for Columbus Dance Theatre as a way to guarantee that our dancers will be able to remain the nexus point of the support we seek from the community.  This is a very personal campaign where you will sponsor a specific Company dancer. 

Click to view our dancers for the 2018/19 season and learn more about them.

Through this initiative you will get an inside view of the life of one of our performing artists and help to create a foundation of support for them.  

We are poised to do big things this year, and one of the things I am determined to do is sustain and increase our support for the dancers who bring the magic to our stages.  I hope you will join this campaign either as an individual, in partnership with a friend or family member, or through a business connection.

Sponsorships are $5,000.00.  We welcome individual, corporate, or group sponsorships.  You can be the sole sponsor of a dancer or join with others to sponsor one of our inspiring Company artists.  Click on the donation tab below to donate:  $5000, $2500, or $1000.  Donation amounts are easily amplified at the Paypal site if you need to increase your donation.  This campaign funds a portion of a dancer's salary for the season. 

Logo placement for corporate sponsors is available. 

I am proud of the work we do for local artists and am so excited about this new campaign.  Please join us today!

Seth Wilson

Artistic Director

Photo: Will Brenner

CDT is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization.  Donations are tax deductible as prescribed by law.





  • Scheduled open rehearsals, at our downtown space, throughout the year to see and interact with the dancers.

  • Wine party.

  • Two tickets to our Benefit on April 5th.

  • Personal updates from the dancers.

  • Two season tickets.

  • Tiers Available:

    Tier 1: Full $5,000 Sponsorship

    Tier 2: Half $2,500

    Tier 3: $1,000

Donate Here:

Name of sponsored dancer: