Tuition & Fees for the School of Columbus Dance Theatre

Tuition & Fees may be paid on-line through this page, by phone at 849-0227, by check (given to the teacher or mailed), or by visiting us at our downtown office at 592 E. Main Street.


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Performance Fees

Student Dancers participating in the ITP Concert or the End-of-Year Show are required to pay a

performance fee for each concert. This fee helps cover costs of the Theatre and Costumes.

Tuition Payments

Creative Movement I/II

Quarter Payments/Summer Session
Creative Movement Annual Options


Quarter Payments/Summer Session
Pre Ballet Annual Options

Ballet II- (Once a Week)

Quarter Payments/Summer Session
Ballet II (1x a week) Annual Options

Girls Ballet I

Girls Ballet I
Girls Ballet I Annual Options

Boys Dance I

Annual Options

Boys Dance II

Quarter Payments/Summer Session
Annual Options

Girls Dance II

Sessions Available
Girls Dance II

Intensive Training Program (ITP)


ITP C Summer Session
ITP C Annual Options


ITP B-Annually


Quarter/Month Payment
ITP A-Annually